About Us



STAY HUNGRY® is an independant young Berlin based brand focused on creating casual and classy sportswear which is exclusively made in Europe in limited quantaties with a store in Berlin - Mitte. We´re proud to offer a variety of special and high-quality caps that are made in Germany.

In creating our high quality Stay Hungry Sports products we pour our experiences and inspirations as young men growing up in the nature and concrete jungle into our clothing. 

Travel is a passion we have and when we are on the road whether in the nature or the big cities we soak up ideas and test our products to make sure they are as we want them to be.

We like to keep our products classy and simple but give them the necessary technical details to make them unique and practical for your daily urban outdoor activities or total wilderness use at the same time.

So whether we are on the go by train, van, ferry, kayak or bike our wish is to develope good and fine things for all of these occasions.