About Us


STAY HUNGRY® is an independent brand based in Berlin, creating classy sportswear to offer you comfort, quality, character and practicability.

We produce all our gear in Europe in small quantities. We also offer occasional capsule collections mostly made in Berlin and are proud to offer a range of high-quality caps made in Germany. 

Launching capsule collections allows us to offer you a unique assortment of gear all throughout the year. Also it makes us more independent from classical fashion cycles thus more spontaneous and sustainable.

Stay Hungry is basically a two man, or better one-man-and-one-woman shop, supported by a micro team of outstanding friends and minds. Matti Röse started the brand and creates our classy, sporty and urban clothing that have an outdoor vibe. That vibe stems from his own childhood experiences being outside in the countryside, going fishing, camping etc. By growing into adulthood the urban interests became more dominant which influences the urban part of Stay Hungry. Matti was a pro-BMX rider and we also still run our BMX brand. Out of doing shirts and apparel for this Matti wanted to expand into spheres other than BMX and thus created Stay Hungry®. So it´s less doing fashion than creating an outlet for past experiences and evolving interests really.

We mostly sell our clothing direct, especially in our Berlin-Mitte store. We do have a few partnering stores in Europe that sell our gear. Also we have a distribution in Japan which is great. We´ve been to Japan various times and drawn lots of inspiration from there.

A lot of thought and care is poured into all we do. So we´re happy you´re here reading this. We hope you find a new favourite brand or piece of clothing with us. 

Thank you for your time and interest in Stay Hungry!